Football gambling lets you make money off your favorite team.

Football gambling certainly started with the very first game. The origins of football go back hundred if not thousands of years. The earliest games of football were closer to what we call soccer then the traditional American football.

Whole towns would play against each other. The goal was to get the ball from one edge of a village to the other villages’ center square. These early games were very brutal and bloody with many injuries. In the case of many of the early games the wagers were very steep. Often the loosing town would have to forfeit a part of their winter storage of grain.

As the centuries passed American football began to take form particularly in the early 1900’s

The fan base for football continued to grow and many people conducted wagers amongst their friends and families. The first day there were teams designated people began to pick their favorites. This tradition has been passed on from father to son and so on.

Today football gambling is a billion dollar industry. The odds makers in places like Las Vegas make millions of dollars per year based on fans emotional attachments to their team.

How many Super bowl office pools have you been involved with? It is estimated that the day prior to the Super bowl over thirty percent of the grown population of the United States has placed some form f bet on the big game.

Although technically illegal the police generally turn a blind eye to small personal Football gambling pools.

Currently you can bet on both college and professional football. At the college levels there is huge interest in the bowl games, and at the professional level there is a great amount of betting happening in the playoffs and of course the Super bowl.

It is estimated the Super bowl is not only the most watched sporting event in the world but also the single game that the most bet are placed on during the year.

Whoever your favorite team is, have fun but bet wisely, remember it is still only a game.