Find the best casinos by state.

There are literally hundreds of casinos throughout the Unites States. When most people think about casinos they visualize Las Vegas Nevada or Atlantic City New Jersey. This is just the top of the Casino Iceberg. There are many smaller casinos scattered across the country.

With the American Indian tribes being given permission to build casinos on their reservations the growth rate is sure to continue.

But why are so many casinos being built? There are a number of reasons the first is tax revenue. Each state that allows a casino to be built within their borders is sure to see a jump in tax revenue. While many politicians initially did not like the idea once they saw the potential revenue they quickly jumped on board and voted yes.

The second major reason for the rapid growth is tourism. Tourism is one of the top three revenue generators in over seventy five percent of the states with in the US. By building casinos the states can get people to visit and then promote other tourist attractions in the area.

Because of this you will see many of the privately owned casinos being built near larger cities. Not only do the cities provide additional tourist options but they also provide a place for the casino workers to live at a reasonable cost.

American Indian casinos being built are kind of the opposite. One primary goal of the Indian tribes is independence from the United States government. Due to this goal the tribe elders in most cases designed their casinos to be self-sufficient. The model Indian casino is actually a small city. All of the services the workers and visitors need are located within the casino grounds.

Construction of casinos will continue throughout the United States for the foreseeable future. As long as there is tax revenue and tourism dollars to be gained you can be sure of it.