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Who has not dreamed of hitting it big at one of the casinos in Las Vegas or one of the Indian reservation casinos such as Fox wood? Casino gambling has been a part of the American history since the 1800’s.

One of the oldest forms of casino gambling occurred on what were called gambling barges. These ships were not actually barges in most cases but rather paddle wheel boats.

One of the most familiar stories of riverboat gambling involves Mark Twain. Twain used to travel up and down the Mississippi, gambling along the way. Many influential politicians of the time also did the same.

As the early 1900’s came along Prohibition came into effect. While many people gambled even more people drank. This provided an opportunity for aspiring Gambling casino owners to create what were called speak easy clubs.

Usually these early casinos were by invite only. Many of us can remember the old movies where you knock on the door and someone opens a peephole to see who you are. If you checked out they would then as you for the private password. If you knew it you would be let into to the Casino. These early gambling casinos were illegal not only for serving alcohol but also for having gambling devices without a license.

Prohibition was eventually repealed and people were allowed to drink again legally. The speak easy clubs slowly started to decline. The first replacement for the speak easy was called gentlemen’s clubs. Theses clubs, which were by invite, only allowed the influential men of the era to leave their wives at home and go to a location where only men were allowed.

As the years passed many legitimate and other business people saw the massive earning potential in casino gambling. Over the next seventy years casinos were built in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and also on many tribal held lands.

Today Casino gambling is a billion dollar a year industry and there seems no doubt that they will continue to grow. Now you can even play black jack online. If you gamble make sure you set your limit. A safe way to play poker is at home with your friends,and if you want it to be like a real Casino you can buy cheap poker chip set online. This way you don’t have to play for cash, or you can set the stakes much lower which will help prevent you from flushing your life savings away.

Due to advancing technology and increased public interest, online casino games are plentiful these days. Online casino gambling has really taken off and you can find every game you would in a regular casino in an online casino. Research different sites before you play so you receive the best online casino experience and hopefully win it big!