Find slot machines, poker tables, blackjack tables, and other casino equipment.

Casino equipment consists of many different types of machinery. One of the least obvious is security equipment. The eye in the sky is the name for Casino surveillance people. At any given time you are on the gambling floor the security can literally see how much sweat you have on your forehead.

With gambling being a multi billion dollar industry people are always trying to find a short cut to winning. Along with cameras the casinos also have sensors, which can track incoming and outgoing radio and video signals. In the old days people would try to conceal miniature cameras in there jackets or even hidden in a pair of glasses. This information was relayed to a person outside the building who would illegally calculate the odds of winning. With this information the person inside could manipulate their bet to provide a maximum return.

Casino equipment also includes slot machine, poker tables, and of course a blackjack table. Each of these machines or tables is monitored closely by the pit boss. If a person starts to win big all eyes turn on them. The first thing the management will try to determine is if the player is cheating. Usually at this point multiple cameras start to track the player and record the game for potential future legal use against the player. The moral of the story is do not try to cheat at the casino you will get caught.

Along with the above mentioned casino gambling equipment we cannot forget the roulette wheel. This classic gambling game has been around for over one hundred years. The roulette wheel is a favorite of casinos and also non-profits. The advantage of using a form of the roulette wheel is that you can replace the numbers with specific prizes people can win. In this make up this piece of equipment is usually referred to as the big wheel.

The big wheel is a variation of the roulette wheel and usually is positioned vertically versus horizontally like a traditional roulette wheel.

Whatever piece of equipment you gamble on know your limit and keep to it. Have fun and I’ll see you in Vegas.