Find the perfect blackjack strategy to make you win!

Blackjack is the highest returning game in the casino. If you are new to gambling, and you enjoy card games blackjack might be a good option. Before you play you should understand the strategy for winning at blackjack.

Your ultimate goal is to get closer to twenty-one without going over then the dealer. I am not suggesting counting cards however it is good to have an understanding of the math behind blackjack.

Five decks are used at once in a traditional casino game of blackjack. The casino does this to help with the problem of card counting. To simplify your strategy lets take a look at one complete deck of cards. Of the cards in a deck slightly over thirty percent have a value of ten. The rest of the cards in the deck have their respective face values with the exception of the ace, which is worth either eleven or one.

Having this information we can then calculate odds based on the five-deck game. In a five-deck game approximately six percent of the cards that will be dealt will have a value of ten. This percentage comes in handy when your dealer has to draw more cards. Many players play the dealer with the goal of waiting out each hand till the dealer goes bust.

The traditional Blackjack player will follow classic strategies. For example if you have a total of fourteen or below you will request another cards, this is also called hitting. Each person varies bets based on their own gut feeling and superstitions. Black jack is a game of numbers and odds, if you play carefully you can use these to your advantage. You might not only break even you might just walk away with a large wad of cash. Remember Black jack is a game; think about your strategy before you get to the table. Have fun play fair and above all win.