Learn blackjack rules to remember during your next game.

Blackjack is one of the games with the highest chances of winning. The odds of winning at the blackjack table exceed any other game in the casino.

The ultimate goal of blackjack is to get closer to twenty-one then the dealer without going over. If you go over twenty-one it is called a bust.

Currently at casinos blackjack is played with five decks. Each cards is assigned a value. All face cards are assigned a value of ten. The ace is assigned a value of either one or eleven depending on your hand. Each other card in the deck is assigned its’ own value meaning a four equals four towards your goal of twenty one.

One of the cool rules of blackjack is the dealers’ obligation. The dealers obligation stands for the fact the dealer must continue to draw cards until they reach seventeen.

For example you have a nine showing and a Jack as your down card. At this point you hold or stand, you want no more cards. The dealer is showing a four and turns over his down card, which is a king. The dealers total hand is only a fourteen so the MUST deal themselves another card. In this hand the dealer deals himself or herself a two. The dealer then has a sixteen, and they must draw another card. Upon drawing another card they draw a queen the dealer just went bust.

As with Poker card-counting cards is illegal and you will be asked to leave the casino if you are caught. Blackjack bets can vary from as low as one dollar all the way up to one million. Each casino sets their own table limits and can vary them up or down depending on the player’s desires. If you find yourself winning big ask your dealer to have the casino set you up in suit. Usually you will get at least a free meal out of the request. The casino does not want you the leave with their money so they will try to keep you in the casino one way or another. Have fun and make sure you follow the black jack rules.