Learn the basics of poker by playing video poker.

Poker has been part of the American history for hundreds of years. Most of us can remember watching old westerns as we grew up. The images of the cowboy sitting around the campfire playing poker are vivid in many of our minds.

Poker has been a game used to pass time by cowboys, soldiers and the settlers who traveled out west.

One of the most memorable scenes of poker players occurred on riverboats. Riverboats were used as a primary means of transportation for close to one hundred years. The visions of Mark Twain playing poker while traveling the Mississippi are a favorite among historians.

Today you can play poker online and at casinos. One of the fastest growing segments of poker players is the video poker player.

Video poker is played on a machine. The cards are dealt and appear as images on the video poker machine. As in traditional poker the player can then draw additional cards or hold if they like their current cards. One of the advantages of video poker is that the machine can not tell what your thinking. Bluffing is a big part of the psychology of traditional poker.

The playing of Video poker is also catching on with younger people under eighteen. With the advent of the Internet anyone can play. Parents have begun to express concern over their children starting to gamble at an early age. To help counteract this many states have launched preventative campaigns. Nevada in particular is leading the way in this fight.

Video poker is an excellent way for an adult novice to learn the basic of poker in private. You can be saved the embarrassment of playing poorly as well as just play for fun versus betting actual cash. Whatever your motivation fun or profit, video poker offers a wealth of fun and knowledge.

Have fun playing Video poker but remember to set a limit and stick to it.