Have a good time at the Turning Stone Casino in upstate New York.

Turning Stone Casino has been a major success and many other Indian Nations model their new casinos after it.

In 1992 the Oneida Indian Nation was looking for ways to help their tribe financially. The goal of the tribal was to set up businesses that could grow and assist in development of partnerships with future businesses set up by the nation.

The idea of using the Nations Sovereign Nation status to open a casino was proposed in late 1992. The members of the tribe highly supported the idea and in 1993 the first Turning Stone Casino was opened. Although small by today’s casinos standards they opened with just over one hundred and thirty gambling tables.

The first sixty days of the casino was a huge success with over a half a million visitors. The elders of the Oneida nation saw they had a profitable long-term business model. There were some concerns that the children of the tribe would become overly involved in the casino and limit themselves to only working for the casino.

In order to counter act this potential problem it was decided very early in the casinos history to reinvest a portion of the profits in non-gambling related businesses.

This strategy of reinvesting and diversifying the tribes’ business holdings has tuned out to be very successful. Today the Turning Stone Corporation owns, gas stations, golf courses, town houses, and restaurants.

By reinvesting profits from the Casino and opening businesses the Oneida nation has become the largest employer in both Verona and Oneida New York. As a model casino Turning Stone has a lot to be proud of. Crime is much lower in the areas surrounding the casino; unemployment levels among the members of the nation are some of the lowest in the country.

If you are in upstate New York visit Turning Stone, you will have a good time and might just be a big winner.