Have a great gambling experience at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City.

When most people think of the Tropicana they visualize the old casino in Las Vegas Nevada. The old Tropicana or the “Trop” as the old timers called it hosted some of the world’s greatest celebrities. The old Tropicana held performances from singers such as Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

It is rumored that the Tropicana was first built by a group of gangsters who saw the potential for Las Vegas. Although this cannot be confirmed one hundred percent it is generally accepted that this was the case.

The new Tropicana is located in Atlantic City New Jersey. The “Trop2” is called the Tropicana Casino and Hotel Atlantic City.

The location in South Jersey has a bit to be desired however there are intense efforts to revitalize the surrounding area. Crime is still a problem around the casino, and to battle this local law enforcement are teaming up with casino owners.

By pooling their resources casino security and local police have reduced crime substantially. The police notify the casinos of any con men that come into town and the casino alerts the police to any unruly gamblers.

The days of law enforcement and casino security being at odds are quickly disappearing. This is especially true in higher crime areas such as Atlantic City.

The Tropicana Casino offers a wide variety of things to do as well as gambling. Due to the shore front location, deep-sea fishing, Boating tours, and boat rentals are very popular with guests.

What casino would be complete without world class dinning, the Tropicana has over twelve different restaurants to choose from. You can even sample some of the cuisine while you are gambling.

Whatever your pleasure the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City will be able to provide you with what you need. Have fun, gamble wisely and we will see you at the casino.