Sports betting history, tips, and precautions.

Sports betting has been around for thousands of years. Some of the earliest bets were places on football games. The earliest football games were actually played by whole villages against another village. In this early form of betting people would wager, animals and grains. The objective of the game was to kick the ball from your village into the other villages’ center square. These games were often bloody and brutal with many people getting injured.

The first Olympics certainly had a lot of sports betting going on. It was common for the ruling class to bet slaves as a wager. In some cases whole plots of land were also wagered. Many wars were fought over a lost sports wager.

As the centuries passed systems for sports betting were developed. Many of us are familiar with the term bookie. A bookie is a person who takes your bet on a given sporting event. Many people can visualize a smoke filled room full of telephone and bookies taking illegal bets.

Today sports’ betting is legal in many areas of the United States. With the creation of Off Track Betting (OTB) people can bet on everything from horse racing to football and basketball.

OTB provides a comfortable area with big screen televisions, along with food, beverages and also plenty of tellers to take your bets. OTBs’ growth has been rapid, and is expected to continue. Unfortunately when large amount of money is involved corruption is a problem. Currently there are investigations on going in New York State, which are reviewing the business records of some OTB locations.

Sports’ betting is a multi billion dollar per year industry. The largest betting day is the day before the Super bowl. It is estimate over ten percent of the adult population of the United States place some form of bet on the Super bowl. I think all of us have at one time or another has participated in an office betting pool. Whatever your favorite sport is you can bet on it. If you aren’t sure what team to place your bet on, find the best sports picks online to help you choose the winning team. Pick your favorite team research their opponents and place a modest bet. Be careful and cautious it is easy to become addicted to gambling. Remember have fun but only bet up to your limit.