Play high stakes bingo at the Soaring Eagle Casino.

The Soaring Eagle Casino has been hosting bingo tournaments for over the last twenty years. Located in Mount Pleasant Michigan the Casino was set up by the Chippewa tribe of Michigan. Like many of the other Indian casinos it started out as a place for people to come and play high stakes bingo.

As the revenue from the bingo games started to flow, the elders of the tribe started to look for addition business to open.

Because of the tribes Indian status they were allowed to develop plans for a casino. As with many tribes in America, there were bad feelings between the local politicians and the Indian tribes. This situation was made worse when it was announced that the tribe was going to open the casino. Due to the fact the tribe had an agreement with the United States government allowing them to build gambling facilities the casino plans moved forward.

Many people in the community were concerned that the casino would bring drugs and crime to the area. The tribe took this concern seriously and the decision was made to reinvest back into the community. Additionally programs were set up to help people with gambling addiction.

As with many of the current Indian casinos Soaring Eagle has become one of the largest employers in the area. Although Soaring Eagle had a bumpy start today the casino is expanding yet another time.

Today the Soaring Eagle casino has over four thousand seven hundred slot machines, fifty-five gaming tables that cover poker and blackjack and numerous roulette wheels.

If you want a world-class meal you can visit one of the casinos fifteen different restaurants.

No matter what your taste in gambling or food you can be sure to find it at the Soaring Eagle casino.

Have fun, be safe and set your betting limits and stick to them.