Roulette rules you ought to remember.

The game of Roulette first appeared in France in the seventeenth century. The classic French Roulette wheel has thirty-seven slots and one zero numbered slot. The classic American Roulette wheel has thirty-eight slots with two slot represented by zeros.
This distinction would be important in the future because when playing the American style of Roulette you had a smaller chance of winning.

Up to eight players can participate on one Roulette wheel. When a player buys chips they are different colors so as not to confuse the betters or the person spinning the wheel called the Croupier.

Once the Croupier calls no more bets the game is ready to play. The object of roulette is to bet on the number the ball lands on. There are many variation of betting available, including up to a six number bet. As you can imagine your payout is less with a six number bet. You would only receive a five to one payout.

Often Roulette players are superstitious, if they start to bet with a group of numbers and win they will usually stick with them until their luck runs out. These numbers are often referred to hot numbers.

While the payout for a matching single number bet is thirty-five to one, the odds of actually winning are slimmer. In every spin of the wheel the house has the advantage. For instance in a one zero wheel the house advantage would be two point seven percent. With a two zero wheel the advantage would rise above five percent.

The key thing to remember is you are gambling. The house will always have a numerical advantage over you. It is best to just go to have fun especially with a low odds game like Roulette. Try picking your birth date numbers or the date your child was born. The bottom line is have run, bet realistically and spin that wheel.