Improve your poker strategy today with our help.

Poker strategy varies from player to player. The strategy can also vary on the player’s mood or disposition that day. In addition players often change their strategy based on who their opponent is.

The psychology of poker strategy has been written about for years. Many new players will attempt to duplicate their favorite players strategy. One of the key parts of poker strategy is the bluff. A bluff is when you bet based on what you think your opponents thinks you have in your hand.

As an example. You have a pair of twos and three unlike face cards. Because you know you have at least a pair you could bluff. Your goal is to make your opponent think you have three or four of a kind.

Poker has been called the thinking persons game because of the math necessary to estimate what cards are still left in the deck. This technique is called card counting and is illegal but many people do it. If you get caught you will be escorted out of the casino and potentially put on a black list. The blacklist is a listing of people who have gotten caught cheating. The casinos share this list, it is a good idea to just have fun playing poker and not count cards.

Sunglasses are also used as part of Poker strategy. The glasses block the players’ eyes so the opponent cannot see any excitement or worry based on the hand. This is especially useful to hide your reactions when you are dealt new cards. A suggested strategy is to keep a small smile on your face at all times. This strategy will keep your opponent off balance, as they will not know if you just received a good hand or a bad hand. The ultimate goal is to have neutral emotions.

Whatever your poker strategy is make sure you set your limit and stick to it. The end goal is to have fun and maybe even win some money. Do not use deceitful strategies such as card counting, you will most likely get caught and asked to leave the casino.

Remember to keep your emotions in check and get a good pair of sunglasses and you will have a safe and fun time. Here is hoping for a Royal flush.