Discover the wonderful gambling experiences Atlantic City casinos have to offer.

Did you know that there are over a dozen casinos in Atlantic City? During the seventies eighties, and nineties, the need for tax revenue became imperative for Atlantic City to survive.

If you have ever been to Atlantic City you must have noticed the run down areas of the town. When I traveled to Atlantic City three years ago I traveled through basically a deserted ten-block area before reaching the casinos. This is a major embarrassment for local politicians and developers alike.

Although developers such as Donald Trump have made massive investment in the area there is still problems with drugs and crime. This is not to say you should not visit Atlantic City, on the contrary it is a wonderful place to visit just make sure you stay in the main area of the casinos.

It appears to many that Atlantic City is trying to model its growth and development after Las Vegas. Casino owners in Atlantic City have been bringing in top ranked musicals and plays in order to draw new visitors. Mr. Trump has been a leader in this effort using his connections and charisma to lure stars like Neil Diamond, Sade, and even country western and rock and roll bands.

If Atlantic City is to prosper it is my opinion a lot of investment needs to be made in local development and the local law enforcement community. As with other gambling towns, money not only attracts the gamblers it also attracts the con artists and thieves. Gamblers will not return to a city they do not feel safe in.

Atlantic City officials have made and continue to make great strides to improve the safety of their city. Over the next few years things should continue to improve making Atlantic City a world class destination for gamblers and families alike.

When traveling to Atlantic City have fun and set your gambling limits and stick to them.