Poker rules and regulations you must know.

Poker has been being played for over one hundred years. Poker hands are based on five cards. The player with the best five cards will win the game. The highest hand in Poker is called a Royal Flush.

A Royal flush is comprised of five cards of the same suit, in this example we will use hearts. This Royal Flush would therefore consist of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten of hearts. No one on the table can beat this however they could match it with a Royal Flush of their own. In this extremely rare case the winning pot would be shared equally between the two winning players.

There are some lesser known poker rules we should mention.

Did you know that in American casinos only English could be used between players while the cards are being dealt? This rule was enacted because of the wave of immigrants who came to America in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. The players would communicate and try to maximize their winnings. As you can imagine this rule has caused some bad blood between some foreign players and the American casinos. The solution to this problem was solved when the casinos started to hire people who could speak native tongue of the players. This especially pleased the Chinese players as they are very superstitious and prefer to talk in their native tongue versus English.

No swearing is allowed at the Poker table. This rule as you can imagine has been bent more then a few times. The rules were added to help stop arguments and even worse the occasional violence associated with losing at the Poker table. The goal of the casinos is to make Poker a card game anyone can enjoy.

Poker has a long history and you can be part of it. Now get there have some fun and bet wisely.