Find all your favorite entertainment at the Mohegan Sun casino.

The Mohegan Sun Casino was proposed, in 1995 by the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut. Over the year the pros and cons of developing a casino were discussed amongst the tribe and the local community. As with many Indian Casinos there was a concern as to how working in a casino would affect the children of the tribe.

The goal was to build a long-term business families could pass down to there children. Because the tribe was closely knit, there was concern that the children might become addicted to gambling just as their Grandfathers had become addicted to the liquor the American government had provided them.

After much debate and assurances of education about gambling addiction from the potential leaders of the casino the plans to move forward were finalized.

In the following year the Mohegan Sun officially opened. The success was immediate partially due to the newness factor and even more so due to the high level of customer service.

Mohegan Sun is known worldwide for their outstanding hospitality and the beauty of the accommodations offered. It was the goal of the tribe to create something beautiful as well as a business.

Some of the architecture is world know with the Casino of the Sky and planetarium being a major attraction for gambles and tourists alike. By setting the bar a few levels higher the Mohegan Sun has gained a large market share of repeat visitors.

The Mohegan also caters to families by providing the Kids Quest and Cyber Quest options. The whole family can attend these events in a safe wholesome environment.
Additionally families can view Arena Football games or watch their very own WNBA women’s basketball team.

Whatever type of entertainment you are looking for chances are you will find it at the Mohegan Sun.