Discover the wonderful experiences Las Vegas casinos have to offer.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This tag line has become extremely popular over the last two years. The allure of Las Vegas has drawn people to the desert for over fifty years. Businessmen first developed Las Vegas casinos it is rumored they had connections to the Italian mafia.

Some of the most well know gangsters from the past helped develop and grow what is Las Vegas today. The business people knew they had to draw people to the desert to make Las Vegas a success. The question was how we will get them to come and how do we get them to stay and gamble?

The answer was the casino. Las Vegas Casinos offered an attractive, comfortable and exciting destination for tourist and gamblers alike. One of the key psychological factors to keeping people in the casino was the heat. The developers of Las Vegas casinos knew not many people could stand the one hundred plus degree heat of Nevada. The hotter it was outside the more people would go indoors to escape the blistering heat. It seems like a simple marketing concept but was a key in the beginning and still is today.

Las Vegas casinos also draw many tourists through entertainment. Many entertainers of the past made their mark in Las Vegas first. Who can forget the legendary rat pack or the shows they performed. Today an entertainer almost has to “play” Vegas in order to become well known. Las Vegas casinos are mini cites unto themselves. They are capable of providing all the comforts of home as well as many various entertainment options. Whatever your desire it can most likely be fulfilled at one of the many Las Vegas casinos. Make sure when checking into a casino you sign up for an electronic gambling card. This card will track your gambling and make you eligible for free perks. If you find yourself winning big contact the Casino management you might just get a free room and even dinner and tickets to a show. Have fun bet cautiously and enjoy the various Las Vegas Casinos.