Enjoy a fun vacation at the Grand casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The Grand Casino is located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, the Grand Casino is as well know for the water sports they offer as the gambling.

By leveraging the outdoor activities the casino has increased their share of families that visit. The casino will even off Nanny services so the parents can hit the gambling tables as the children can hit the water. This service is also available to parents with very young children as well teenage children.

The location of the Casino has been an issue in the past particularly with local military personnel. There is an air training base located close to the casino and the Air force base commander was becoming concerned about the recruits spending a majority of their free time and pay in the casino.

During the history of the casino there have actually been periods of time when local commanders forbid their soldiers from entering the casino. This problem has since been rectified. The Casino owners approached the local military base commanders and offered to give gambling addiction prevention courses. In an effort to increase goodwill in the community the base commanders agreed. Currently no service person from the area is barred access to the casino.

The Grand Casino has over three thousand slot machines and over two hundred gambling tables. The casino also has world-class restaurants and bars. One of the more popular bars in the casino is called Wild Coyotes. A movie was recently based on this bar featuring beautiful women bartenders who would dance on the bar nightly. Although the movie Coyote Ugly was not a huge success the bar certainly is.

The Grand Casino has something for everyone, parent and child alike Add in the location in the Gulf of Mexico and you have a great family getaway.

There is something for everyone, just remember to bet only up to your limit.