Discover the many attractions at the Foxwoods casino.

What started out as a high dollar bingo parlor had developed into the Foxwoods casino.

Back in the mid 1980’s the Pequot Tribe decided to take advantage or their sovereign nation status and opened up a large bingo hall. The bingo hall was designed to attract local bingo players from the area. Because of the tribes sovereign status they could set the pot levels as high as they wanted.

Over the next ten years the Pequot tribe decided to branch out into more gambling businesses. The additions included Poker tables, slot machines, roulette wheels, black jack tables, and even some sports betting facilities.

More and more American Indian tribes have been using their sovereign nation status to setup new casinos on their reservations. This trend will continue due to the high profit margins typically made by casinos. Although many people say allowing the building of Indian owned casinos will hurt the tax revenue that is just not the case.

A percentage of the gambling revenue from Foxwoods Casino still goes to the state, which the casino is in.

Foxwoods today now has six different casinos; as a matter of fact they have the largest betting casino in the world. With over three hundred and forty thousand square feet of gambling space and over three hundred and eighty gambling tables, Foxwoods is a leader in sheer size and number of games and tables.

Foxwoods also has over seven thousand four hundred slot machines. It is jokingly acknowledged in the casino industry that if a slot machine has been made Foxwoods has one.

Foxwoods also has over seven world-class restaurants, which cover basically the world’s cuisine. If you want a specific meal chances are there is a chef at Foxwoods who can make it for you.

Enjoy your visit to Foxwoods Casino and remember to have fun and bet wisely.